May 8, 2021Cannabis

Mellow out with these 7 hemp prerolls

Now that 4/20 has come and gone, you may be feeling a little greened out . So if you’re looking to take the edge off without any intoxicating elements, consider the classic hemp preroll. Though the effects don’t hit you as hard as a hefty dose of THC, a few hits of cannabidiol (CBD) flower may loosen you up and give you a sigh of relief …

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May 7, 2021Cannabis

6 strains hitting menus in May

This month of The Drop , Dante Jordan’s column rounding up all the can’t-miss strains from the best brands and growers, looks at anticipated releases from INSANE, Subdued Excitement, Veritas, and more. My favorite part of smoking weed is catching a new strain that just hit the shelves or checking out some new genetics that are sweeping t …

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April 30, 2021Cannabis

8 cannabis products your mom will love

The dynamic between cannabis and motherhood has evolved infinitely in the past few years. What used to be seen as an irresponsible outlet for unfit mothers has now grown to take the place of wine for many moms — and meds for even more.  While it may be true that most moms opt for a low-dose edible or hit off a vape pen when it comes time to unwind, a lot of moms like to get high. Like, really high.  … like I’m really a full time mom. Like I give 110% everyday. So I need my damn weed 🤨 — Redhead Fran 🥀 (@Lilyellowtail) April 26, 2021 Not only is the idea that moms can’t handle heady bongs or high-dose products sexist, it’s not at all reflective of the reality that we exist in, and especially the impending reality when weed becomes federally legal.  So to celebrate this new age of weed and mothering, we’ve rounded up the best Mother’s Day canna-gifts on the market, with a range in potency and stoner-energy to suit everyone from the canna-curious, recently reformed wine mom, to the lifelong stoners who stay slaying those PTA meetings.  Luxe Marble Stash Box with 48 Pre-rolls by Wyllow Photo courtesy of Wyllow It’s hard to imagine a better gift than a magical marble box filled with 48 mini prerolls. Just in time for Mother’s Day, the woman-owned cannabis brand Wyllow has launched just that with their Luxe Marble Stash Box. This beautifully designed marble box contains 48 pre-rolls (12g of cannabis total), which come in three premium exotic cultivars: Zeta Sage (sativa), Afghan White Gold (Indica), and Short Cake (a diamond-infused sativa-dominant hybrid).  These little joints pack a serious punch, and were grown with an attention to creating a well-rounded high with a balance of terpenes and cannabinoids, as opposed to focusing on high THC alone, meaning they make you feel good, not just get you stoned.  These limited edition boxes are available at select dispensaries, check Wyllow stockist for more info.  Available: California  PLUS Blood Orange Hash Rosin Gummies  Photo courtesy of PLUS Solventless, chic, […]

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April 27, 2021Cannabis

The 8 best strains for evening workouts

For the night owls who prefer to warm up while the rest of the neighborhood is winding down, I see you. Not everyone is built to sweat with the sunrise or do calisthenics during lunch breaks, some folks prefer to pursue their physical peak in the p.m. And as a self-proclaimed stoner-gym-goer, I know that regardless of when you prefer to perspire, …

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April 26, 2021Cannabis

What’s the best way to get high?

Lorena Cupcake, voted “best budtender in Chicago,” has answered hundreds of questions from cannabis shoppers and patients during their time as a budtender. And now they’re turning that experience into a monthly advice column, Ask a budtender. Got a question for Cupcake? Submit your questions to  Dear Cupcake, I used to smoke a lot of flower, then took a break for a couple years. Now, I mostly enjoy vape pens and chocolates I pick up when I visit my sister in Massachusetts.  There’s a lot of other products (wax, resin, shatter, tinctures) that apparently came about when I wasn’t partaking; what’s the best way to get high these days? Dear concentrate curious,  The best way to get high is the way that works for you. As you’ve already seen, that can change over time. Everyone has their favorite methods of cannabis consumption that balance effects and experience against practical concerns like cost, convenience and safety. When you find the right fit, that’s the best method for you, at least at that moment. One of the most important ways that we change over time is by gaining a tolerance to THC, the chemical component in cannabis that produces an intoxicating high. When you smoke weed every day, like you used to do, the CB1 receptors that interact with THC in your body lose sensitivity. Over time, cannabis doesn’t impair you as much, and you may require a higher dose to attain the same high. Since you’re coming back from a long tolerance break, you’re likely still in the process of gaining tolerance to higher doses of cannabis. For that reason, I think it makes sense to outline your options in order — from easy-to-dose products preferred by newbies, to high-potency concentrates beloved by longtime stoners. When I did one-on-one consultations in a medical dispensary, many patients didn’t have a robust history of recent weed smoking experiences. Some, on the recommendation of a doctor, were brand new to cannabis. Others hadn’t hit a doobie since the most popular strain was the classic Acapulco Gold. Since they didn’t have a firm grasp […]

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